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There is nothing worse than working all day while feeling horny. Every other minute of the day you are thinking about sex. You are just so desperate to get home and have a quick wank. The pressure is building up and you are just wanting to explode.

The question is: who do you turn to when you get home? You are happy to finish yourself off, but you want to feel excited and to make someone else feel good. Speedy sex on the phone is definitely a sure way to get yourself off with a 30 second phone wank. During this, you will also get to interact with one of our naughty girls who are ready and willing to help. They can’t wait to get straight to the point of excitement. They want to make you feel the best you have felt in ages.

Last minute phone sex chat can be very exciting. If you were to get yourself close, call up our cheeky girls and tell them you have your hard cock in your hand, they will know just what to do. Tell them that your cock is close to cumming and that you need to know how they could pleasure you. They can tell you how they would take your shaft in their mouth and glide their mouth up and down it. How their tongue will flick the tip of your cock and make you all wet. Imagine yourself, how warm their mouth is, and how that feels.

The best way to have speedy sex on the phone last minute, is to be as open as you can about what you want and like. To tell them that you are already hard, already rubbing your cock. This will allow them to get to the point of the call quicker. It is quite possible to have a 30 second phone wank and feel so relieved afterward. It will feel as good as it would if you were with them in person. All you need to be able to do is have a good imagination. So long as in your mind you can set a good scene, there is no limit to how much you can enjoy. If you want them to talk dirty, then they will say whatever you want them to say. If you want them to moan and sound pleased, this is something they will do naturally. They are going to be on the other side of the phone, getting just as excited as you are. So, although you may think that it will sound fake, I can assure you that it will sound real.

Our cheeky, naughty girls just love the excitement of phone sex. the idea that you have to be speedy and that they are the ones that offer you that last-minute support. They could be sat around studying right now for an exam and feeling just as horny as you. Waiting for you to call them and tell them that you want to play.

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(Call cost 35p per minute + network access charges apply)

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